Summary of the interview with Vicente Ehate Tomi on the “A Fondo” programme

The Vice-President of the Council of the Republic, and President of the Riaba District Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) Monitoring Commission , Vicente Ehate Tomi, was interviewed for the “A Fondo” television programme. The main content of the interview is summarised here.

The first question the programme’s analysts put to Ehate Tomi was connected with the recently completed State Tour which the President of the Republic has made of the entire national territory. In political circles, the results of this tour have been described as successful, both for the content of the message spread by the Head of State, and the mass participation of the population.

The Vice-President of the Council of the Republic agreed with this diagnosis regarding the success of the tour, and added that each district competed in order to provide the presidential couple with a better, warmer welcome.

Regarding the maintenance of peace, the creation of new urban districts and the fight against delinquency, which were the big themes of the President’s message to the population, Ehate Tomi declared that citizens received them “with open hearts”, and he also had words of congratulations for the State security forces, which are alert to these bouts of delinquency.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guineac

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