Supreme Court of Justice President holds press conference

The President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Juan Carlos Ondo Angue, has declared that the case that the French courts wishes to begin on 19th June against the Vice-President of the Republic, H. E. Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, for the supposed crimes of corruption and money laundering “has no reason to exist”.

At a press conference held at the Palace of Justice in Malabo II, Ondo Angue recalled that the sentence issued on 12th, which acquitted the representatives of SOMAGUI FORESTAL S.L., SOCAGE S.L. and EDUM S.L., who had been accused of misuse of public funds, unlawful appropriation and the abuse of social assets, Equatoguinean justice considered that “the principal offence does not show misuse, corruption and abuse of social assets”.

Recalling that in both French and Equatoguinean law, and in the majority of legal systems, “associated rights do not stand in their own right”, and added that “in order to judge supposed acts of money laundering and handling stolen goods, there must first be a sentence which determined the existence of the main crime from which they derive”.

However, he said that “in Equatorial Guinea it was inescapably demonstrated that the principal offence does not show misuse of public funds, corruption and abuse of social assets, so the procedure currently in progress in France must be dropped, because there is no principal crime”.

“The French judges related their accusation to the three mentioned companies having received payments from the Equatoguinean State, when here it has been clearly demonstrated that the companies are the creditors of forestry concessions and State works, and the payments are completely legal”, maintained Ondo Angue.

He revealed that, since the complaint had been brought in France by two Non-Governmental Organisations, in the investigation and hearing which took place in Malabo it was seen that “all evidence in relation to the payments and derivatives in favour of shareholders, among them the person of the Vice-President, are legal”.

On affirming that “laundering and receipt of stolen goods is not evident is the money is not of illegal origin”, he recalled that “from the point of view of the understanding of the implementation if Equatorial Guinea law, the process which is in progress in France should not exist”.

The press conference concluded with a demand for the French judicial authorities to be “respectful for the necessary sovereign equality between the States, and that they agree to dismiss the case that has been brought. Crimes committed in Equatorial Guinea can only be judged before Equatoguinean judicial authorities”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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