Talk on juvenile delinquency from IEC/Abogacia project

The IEC/Abogacia Project, under the Ministry for Information, Press and Radio, began talks and the distribution of pamphlets this week on the matter of juvenile delinquency in Equatorial Guinea, a social phenomenon that appears to have increased considerably in recent times.

The pamphlet, to which has had access, points out that, “juvenile delinquency has always existed, but nowadays it is increasing considerably in our community”.

It recalls that delinquency, “is a social phenomenon which puts at risk public safety in society, and furthermore goes against the good customs already established by society”.

“Studying, doing sports, a rejection of materialism, respect for others, set out positive goals, avoid bad gangs, read religious books”, are some of the recommendations which appear in the IEC/Abogacia pamphlet.

IEC/Abogacia maintains that “the lack of education of citizens generates delinquency, aggression and insecurity in those people it keeps marginalised, but it is the citizens who suffer the consequences of this situation”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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