Team of Spanish doctors arrives at Virgin of Guadalupe Polyclinic

On the morning of 16th June, the Secretary of State for Health and Director general of the Virgin of Guadalupe Polyclinic, Jose Ntutumu EdA� Nchama, received a team of Spanish doctors, who will operate and assist free of charge over the next two weeks on patients from all over the country who can travel to Mongomo.

The team of fourteen people, led by the Jesuit father, Crisantos Ebang, a native of Mabere-Yenvam (Oyala), in coordination with the NGO Solidaridad Gallega, mainly from Galicia and other corners of Spain, has eight specialists in paediatrics, gynaecology, dermatology, cardiology, internal medicine, and surgery and anaesthetics.

This second edition of the Jesuit medical campaign, which is a continuation of the campaign from 2018, has been possible thanks to generous contributions from BANGE, CCEI Bank, the General Manager from the Ministry for Health and Social Welfare, and particularly the First Lady of the Nation, as the modern facilities at the Mongomo Polyclinic were donated by her in order to carry out the work of this campaign.

The Secretary of State for Health, during the presentation, stressed the importance of cooperation between brother peoples, and particularly praised the commitment of these and other doctors, who dedicate their free time to collaborating with the efforts of everyone. Furthermore, there were also words of gratitude for those companies and persons who made possible the financing of the campaign, which will end on 29th June, the date on which the entire team is expected to leave Malabo for Madrid, via Ceiba Intercontinental.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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