Technical meeting with shipping companies

On Monday 24th July, the Deputy Minister from the Ministry for Transport and the Postal Service, Joaquin Elema Borengue, oversaw a meeting with representatives from shipping companies, to deal with matters relating to maritime security.

Assisted by the general secretary and some directors from his department, the meeting took place at the official office at the ministry.

During his address, Joaquin Elema said that our country is going to have a maritime audit during the next twelve months, organised by the IMO (International Maritime Organization), an international body with which Equatorial Guinea has ratified twenty agreements.

It is the responsibility of the Government, as a member of the organisation, to meet and enforce this initiative, the deputy minister affirmed, and he also said that maritime administration, the companies and port operators “have the obligation to work together to ensure that the audit is satisfactory in Equatorial Guinea”.

Elema Borengue took advantage of the meeting to ask the companies to update the training of their personnel, and concluded by asking for shared collaboration so that port services can guarantee security.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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