Technical meetings open at III National Economic Conference

Under the banner “Consolidating Social Equality and Economic Diversification”, the work began for the technical conference phase, within the framework of the III National Economic Conference. The Prime Minister of the Government, Charged with Administrative Coordination, Francisco Pascual Obama Asue, opened the work on the morning of Monday 22nd April, at the Palace of Conferences, in Sipopo.

“We must all be involved in this III Economic Conference because it is an imperative for everyone and for the Government, in order to adopt mechanisms dedicated to building a society with social equality, for an Equatorial Guinea in peace and prosperity. We must not forget where we have come from and the efforts we have made to position ourselves in the current context”, said the Prime Minister, during his speech.

Besides speeches such as those from the representative of the mayoress of Malabo, and the representative of the Unites nations System Agencies, the Minister for Finance, the Economy and Planning, Cesar Augusto Mba Abogo also spoke. He praised the work done by the commissions and the support from the president of the Organising Committee, Alfonso Nsue Mokuy and the Prime Minister who, despite his busy agenda, closely followed the progress of the work. Finally he welcomed the involvement of the President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, for being an example of sacrifice and dedication for a Better Guinea, It has been the work of months, during which we have worked with our development partners, civic society and the national private sector”.

For his part, Obama Asue, in the name of the Head of State, welcomed the delegations and technical partners, and specified that the event would be written in the dynamic march of our country towards development for the benefit of the nations, consolidating social equality and economic diversification. In addition, he mentioned the desire of the Government, in relation to the refinement of the work of the conference, as through the work done and the contents of the organisation a quality document has been produced which will set out the bases for good work, and this has been possible thanks to this willingness, We will achieve our aims to integrate the development programmes of the country.

Work has been done to establish a healthy social order; for that reason the development of the country has been achieved. Equatorial Guinea plays an important role in the international context, such as its presence on the United Nations Security Council. The consolidation of Equatorial Guinea within the context of nations. Our aim is to strengthen the active and passive participation of the private sector and citizens; the Government will consolidate social equality and the consolidation of democracy. We mist all get involved in this III Economic Conference, which is an imperative for everyone. The Government will insist on mechanisms to construct in social equality an Equatorial Guinea of Peace and prosperity”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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