The AfDB says that in 2015 Africa should focus on sustainable economic growth

The heads of the African Development Bank (AfDB), which brings together 54 member States, held a meeting on January 16, at its headquarters in Ivory Coast. Following the meeting, the institution issued a statement in which it stressed that 2015 will be an opportunity for the African continent in advancing in sustainable economic growth.

However, the AfDB (African Development Bank) said in its statement that this growth will depend on the political will of African governments and the decisions taken.

Moreover, the monetary institution recognizes that while in 2014 there have been many challenges, including turmoil in the global economy, the slowdown in emerging markets and the sharp fall in commodity prices, Africa has been resistant and has remained dynamic, with a growth of 5.5%.

The note concludes that the challenge for 2015 is not only to achieve economic growth, but also to ensure that this growth is strong and durable, and facilitates job creation, in addition to this growth benefitting all segments of the population.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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