The Bonko dance crosses Malabo

As every year in the month of December, the Bonko Association has organized its traditional dance throughout the streets and neighborhoods of the capital of Equatorial Guinea, Malabo.

On the morning of December 24, the Bonko Association carried out its traditional activity of dance and music throughout the streets, neighborhoods and towns of Malabo, in memory of the deceased members of the association.

The aim of this group, composed of musicians who make up the five rhythms of drums and their dancers, is also to satirize the negative events that have happened during the year and reflect on the positive ones.

During the two weeks following December 24, they will visit those who have been nominated for this year and the next, including some members of the Government, of the Equatorial Guinean Cultural Center and some “fernandinos” (Creoles) residing in our country such as Trinidad Morgades.

This cultural activity will end on January 7 and will resume next December.

Text and photos: Sarilusi Tarifa King (D. G. Base Internet)
SOURCE: Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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