The Equatorial Guinean colony in Brussels also celebrates the CAN 2015

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono Nca, met last Saturday, January 17, with the colony of Equatorial Guineans residing in the Kingdom of Belgium, in order to personally wish them a Happy New Year and celebrate the start of the African Cup of Nations (CAN 2015).

To start the ceremony, the Ambassador gave a moving speech, which began with best wishes for the new year for everyone and a special thanks to the Association of Wives of African Ambassadors in Belgium (AEEAB) for the work they have carried out in 2014, chaired by his wife, Perseveranda Mangue de Nvono Nca. The association held a gala for the fight against Ebola, which raised 17,000 Euros, which will go to the NGO Doctors Without Borders to fight this deadly virus.

Nvono Nca also commented on some of the goals for 2015 in his jurisdiction, such as “legitimating relations with the European Parliament with regard to Brussels; cooperate with European human rights institutions and the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, and prepare a State visit by President Obiang to Turkey,” among others.

The Ambassador did not forget to highlight the success of Equatorial Guinea hosting the CAN 2015, which will make the country’s policy of solidarity with Africa and the world visible. “Today we must be prouder to be Equatorial Guineans and Africans,” he concluded.

The event was attended, among other guests, by the wife of the Ambassador of Cameroon in Brussels and more than half of all Equatorial Guineans residing in the Belgian country.

Source: Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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