The First Lady Visits Effat University in Jeddah

During the 48-hour State visit that the Equatorial Guinean presidential couple made in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 11th May, the First Lady, as Honorary Patroness of the National Education System, visited Effat University in Jeddah – the fourth most important city in the country after Riyadh, Mecca and Medina.

Founded in 1955 by Queen Effat, this university’s mission is to produce female leaders only who are capable of facing the future with a quality education, in order to offer services to the community in an interdisciplinary environment.

This university presently has 2,871 students from 25 countries.

Constancia Mangue showed profound admiration for this academic initiative: “Women can not defend rights if they are untrained”, she assured in her intervention during the meeting in which she was accompanied by the Minister of Social Affairs and Gender Equality, Consuelo Ondo Nzang.

The First Lady was interested in the possibility of young Equatorial Guineans studying at this university in the future.

An exchange of those present in the meeting marked the enthusiasm that overwhelmed leading figures in the meeting, and a tour of the university campus closed the last stage of the visit.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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