The GITGE launches one of its educational programmes

The computer room at the Santa Teresita Boarding School in Malabo, fully equipped by the Equatorial Guinea Telecommunications Infrastructure Management (GITGE), was opened on 18th September, in the presence of various students and teachers.

As in other institutions, the GITGE has also climbed aboard with the execution of projects and social work for the nation.

During the opening, the first to speak was the director of the education centre, Maria Lourdes Ferreira King, who expressed gratitude for the new equipment, and affirmed that “it will contribute a great deal to the educational cycle of our students, the consultations of our teachers, and our missionary sisters”.

For his part, the director of Human Resources, Jeronimo Mba Oyono Nguema, who was representing the deputy director general of the institution, A�scar Ondo Ngomo Nchama, at the event, pointed out that, in addition to carrying out the will of the Government, the GITGE was also meeting the challenge of social responsibility, The GITGE does not wish to be left on the margins of corporate social responsibility, which through legal obligations must or should be met by all companies, through the simple fact of carrying out their business activities within the national territory”.

He also pointed out that this donation forms part of the corporate social plan at the telecommunications infrastructure management institution in Equatorial Guinea, regarding the responsible use of new technologies, in particular in the education sector, This is a computer room equipped with thirty computers and a high-speed internet connection, accompanied by a projector for viewing presentations and for working as a team”.

The director of the commercial and marketing department, Salvador Nguema Funtan, and Olivia Janine Garcia Bernico, director of the technical department, addressed the students in order to stress the importance of cybersecurity, privacy on social networks, and education via the network.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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