The Head of State Highlights Achievements Made Through National Dialogue

As expected during the morning of Monday 16th July, the VI Table for National Dialogue was opened between the government, political parties and diaspora activists. In his role of mediator and moderator of the political process in the country that held the function, and in addition to highlighting the achievements made through national dialogue, the President of the Republic, S.E. Obiang Nguema Mbagoso, affirmed that the VI Table for National Dialogue was not convened due to the institutional crisis, but rather due to the will to strengthen the peace and solidarity of the nation, which is about to celebrate fifty years of national independence.

Another one of the reasons that S.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo mentioned for calling the VI Table for National Dialogue is that “we cannot understand the political protests by means of violence and the slander campaigns. This fall on deaf ears has appeared with mercenary attempts to invade the country on three consecutive occasions, taking into account the country’s current state of peace and progress. With this dialogue, we want to achieve national self-criticism for economic development, in order to obtain changes based on the harmony of the nation, and to guarantee the prevalence of peace in the country.

During his intervention, the President of the Republic acknowledged that there has been positive changes in our country since 1979 on a political, economic and social level: On a political level, we have institutionalised the political parties since 1979; we have also updated fundamental law with the latest update being the limitation of the term of office regarding the Head of State. We want sincerity to take precedence in this dialogue, and we genuinely know what the nation suffers from. We must not underestimate the dialogue because we have followed our political path through it, where the dialogue is positioned as a fundamental element. As we have been doing since 3rd August 1979, we have been able to unify a nation destroyed; from that date, we were able to build the political architecture of our country, and we were able to assess our country’s natural resources with the dialogue. National peace, stability and social order are not results by mere chance, but by good governance and precise application of the law because without these, Equatorial Guineans would not have the rights they have nowadays”.

The President of the Republic also recalled the past colonial regime that did not provide any benefit to the country: With this political maturity, I reaffirm that this VI Table for National Dialogue must consider the progress that the Republic of Equatorial Guinea government has achieved, which has resulted from the dialogue and the will of the nation. Nowadays, Equatorial Guinea is considered as a country of peace in terms of Africa and in the international community; it is easy to criticise, but it is not easy to govern, which is why we are going to conduct this dialogue to analyse the country’s situation. The government is fulfilling its duty like this roundtable dialogue. This occasion also lets us analyse the problems that occur in African countries because our country is still an oasis of peace”, concluded the Head of State.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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