The National Nzalang ties with the national team of Benin

The national team of Equatorial Guinea tied to one goal against Benin in the qualifying match for the CAN 2017 in Gabon. The match was played on June 14 in Bata’s Nkoantoma Stadium, and the goal of the national team was scored by Emilio Nsue with a spectacular foul kick.

The National Nzalang played its first qualifying match of the CAN 2017 Gabon against Benin’s team in the Nkoantoma Stadium of Bata. The match was very competitive and the tie can be seen as just due to the merits made by both teams.

Esteban Becker began with a team made up of Evono, Akapo, Rui, Evuy and Sipo, in defense; Randy, Doualla, Deco and Balboa in the midfield and Emilio Nsue and Iban Edu as forwards. The early stages were dominated by Equatorial Guinea, which had better chances. First, a pass from Balboa that was nearly finished off by Doualla, and the same players starred a play at 21 minutes, but this time the player’s shot brushed Benin’s goalpost.

Benin’s players showed great physical strength and also had a good opportunity, which Ovono was able to clear away the goal. And when it seemed that the first half would end goalless, Benin scored. A moment of indecision from the Nzalang’s defense was used by the player number 17, who launched a low shot next the post, against which Felipe Ovono was unable to do anything.

After the break, the Nzalang came out ready to regain its dominion in the match and, four minutes after the restart of the game, a foul against Iban Edu was dramatically shot by Emilio Nsue, which went into the corner of Benin’s goal.

With the tie to one, the match entered a phase of alternate dominion, with no clear leader in the game. There were no opportunities and Esteban Becker made two changes, trying to give more depth to the game. First Kike Boula was substituted by Randy, and then Josete substituted Iban Edu, which were chances taken by the coach, who sought a second goal that would give the victory to the national team and in the absence of a few minutes, and with just a few minutes left, Bikoro substituted Doualla.

However, the best chance came from the feet of Akapo, who broke away in the sideline until reaching very goal of the of Benin team, but was unable to find a teammate who could finish off what would have been the National Nzalang’s victory.

And with the result of a tie at one, the match ended. A point that for some may not seem enough, but a very well-fought point that was earned with great effort point. In the other group match, the national team of Mali beat South Sudan by two goals to nil.

At a press conference, Esteban Becker praised the effort of the whole team and the importance of incorporating the National League players such as Deco and Bikoro, and the debut in an official match by Josete. Captain Emilio Nsue also spoke, who acknowledged that they had not had the best day, but said they had given their all and asked for humility to continue working towards the objective of qualifying.

Text: FEGUIFUT Communication Dept.
Photos: FEGUIFUT and Miguel Angel Andjimi (D. G. Base Internet)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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