The PDGE congratulated the Head of State

The Secretary General of the PDGE, Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro, on behalf of the entire membership and party structures, signs the congratulatory motion addressed to the Head of State and Government, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, on his 73rd birthday. We publish the text of this message below.

Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro, Secretary
General of the PDGE, congratulating the
President of the Republic, Obiang Nguema

On the occasion of the celebration of the 73rd birthday of the Militant Brother, Founding President, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) issued this congratulatory motion, which we publish in full with this article, which is signed by the Secretary General, Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro, on behalf of the entire membership and party structures.

“All the militants and supporters of the PDGE cannot contain our demonstrations of joy and enthusiasm to CONGRATULATE you and ourselves for this major and singular initial event of Your Public Life, filled with your Famous Political Philosophy, framed in the ideology of Doing Good and Avoiding Evil, that has made our Nation, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, a different country, a special Country and a Country that is becoming increasingly a leader in the international context,” indicated the message that recalls the commitment of all the members and supporters of the party to maintain the defense of peace.

The message continues expressing to the Founding President the enthusiasm and joy of all militants and members of the PDGE structures and related bodies for the commemoration of the 73rd anniversary with his wife and his august family.

The text is signed by the Secretary General of the PDGE, Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro, who ends by wishing the President that “the virtues that flow from your Nationalist and Pan-Africanist vision will continue to stimulate our energies to overcome the challenges we face or might face, for building an effective and progressive Equatorial Guinea and always improving, in the context of African solidarity.”

Source: National Office of the PDGE

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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