The people of Equatorial Guinea cast majority vote in favour of PDGE project

On the reading of the Act of the General Scrutiny of the elections to the Chamber of Deputies, Senate and Municipal Councils took place, confirming the resounding victory of the PDGE, who obtained all the seats in the Senate, 99 out of 100 in the Chamber of Deputies, and all those they fought on the Municipal Councils, apart from one council seat in Malabo Town Hall, which will be for the CI party.

The act took place at the Ministry for the Interior, and the President of the National Electoral Board (JEN), Clemente Engonga Nguema Onguene, was responsible for reading all the results obtained in the polls.

With the acts of reference, duly signed by the members of the district municipal electoral boards, members of the tables and controllers designated by the candidates, having been rigorously examined, there are no protests or claims regarding what has taken place”, declared the President of the JEN.

The total number of voters in the nation was 325,555, of whom 273, 502 exercised their right to vote. A total of 272,022 valid votes were cast, with 904 null votes and 576 who cast a blank vote, giving a participation of 84%, and an abstention of 16%.

The success of the PDGE is undisputed, as the party has obtained all members of the Senate, 99 out of 100 deputies in the lower Chamber, and all the Town Halls throughout the nation will be governed by the PDGE.

The Together We Can coalition has not managed to win any representation, as the number of votes obtained was not sufficient to obtain the necessary electoral coefficient to achieve representation. For its part, the Citizens for Innovation party of Equatorial Guinea has managed to obtain one deputy in the Chamber of Deputies in Malabo, and a councillor in the Town Hall.

Clemente Engonga Nguema Onguene stated, during his appearance, that all the candidacies (PDGE, Together We Can, and CI) had participated actively in all the bodies of the electoral administration and electoral campaign without coercion, and that their representatives had duly signed the corresponding acts, “so that the National Electoral Board scrupulously respects the sovereign wish of the people of Equatorial Guinea, expressed freely and in secret on 12th November of this 2017, the general scrutiny of the results of which I hereby publicly attest to”.

The National Electoral Board expressed its sincere thanks to the people of Equatorial Guinea for the political maturity that has reigned throughout the country, underlining the calm, peace and order reigning at all the electoral colleges.

The board also thanked all the people and organisations collaborating in a direct or indirect way with the National Electoral Board in the duties of overseeing and guaranteeing the transparency, purity and objectivity of the electoral process, together with the supervision of the electoral process and the general scrutiny of votes.

The JEN also stated its fervent condemnation of the acts of violence against the forces of public order, the requisition of three assault rifles and a pistol, and the destruction of the official vehicle of the Government Delegate, carried out by the Citizens for Innovation political party in the district of Akonibe, during the electoral campaign.

Now, on Monday 20th November, the act of general scrutiny will be brought before the Constitutional Court, for validation and the proclamation of the definitive results.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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