The President of the FEGUIFUT participates in the election of Joseph S. Blatter

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Andres Jorge Mbomio Nsem Abu, as president of the Equatoguinean Federation of Football (FEGUIFUT), participated in the voting that elected as Joseph S. Blatter as President of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA).

The 65th Congress of the FIFA, meeting on May 29 in Zurich, reelected as President of the FIFA Joseph S. Blatter, who obtained 133 votes, compared to the 73 of Ali Bin al-Hussein. After this first vote, the Prince Ali Bin al-Hussein addressed the Congress to announce that “he was withdrawing from the race”. Joseph Blatter thus began his fifth mandate as the head of the FIFA, where he entered in the year 1998, substituting Joao Havelange.

After being proclaimed president, Joseph S. Blatter referred to the arrests of various directors of the FIFA for corruption. “It is inadmissible that the reputation of football and of the FIFA is dragged through the mud. They are acts of individual persons, not of an organization, and it is impossible to control everyone, all the time. We will repair the damage immediately. I call on all of you to join us, to the Executive Committee, to the Management of the FIFA, to return to a more positive direction. The FIFA is in your hands. We need you.”

The President of the FEGUIFUT arrived on May 26 in Zurich, to assist for the first time as president of the Federation the work of the 65th Congress of the highest organization of work football and issued his vote in representation of the Equatoguinean Federation.

Andres Jorge Mbomio headed a delegation in which were included the second and third vice presidents in charge of Economic Issues and of International Relations, Bienvenido Ateba Mangue and Venancio Thomas Nguema, as well as the president of Sports Medicine, Patricio Bakale Mba.

The next congresses of the FIFA will take place in Mexico, D. F. (May 12 and 13, 2016) and in Kuala Lumpur (May 10, 11 and 12, 2017).

Text and photos: FEGUIFUT Press Office

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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