The Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture with the senior management of the department

The meeting took place on Thursday, April 30, at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, between Santiago Nseng Mangue Mekemesa and the senior management of the department. The aim was to inform the engineers on the main issues discussed at the seminar offered by the Secretaries General of the ministerial departments last April 10.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Santiago Nseng Mangue Mekemesa, met with the Directors General, engineers and senior technicians of the department, to provide them with the information gathered at the seminar hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Public Investment and the National Agency Equatorial Guinea Horizon 2020, for the general secretaries of all the Government departments on April 10 this year at the Hilton Hotel.

It deals with a series of documents and data sheets related to the economic diversification of the country, which each department, through its technicians, will have to fill out according to the projects that they believe to be more relevant to launch for the country’s growth through sustainable economic planning.

Through this new initiative, the Ministry of Economy, head of this new project, it aims to establish a viable program that helps various sectors to emerge and further promote the activities of the technicians and engineers of each department.

As for the program concerning the agricultural sector, it includes points such as eradicating poverty, accelerating agricultural growth, the implementation of various conservation systems of agro-food products; among other issues.

Mengue Mekemesa, in his speech, stressed the importance of the subject matter of the seminar, and appealed to the technicians to present their projects as soon as possible. “We are all aware of the economic growth of the country and the food industry; but we must work even harder to achieve the goals set by the Government, which are, among other priorities, to be an emerging country by 2020.”

The Secretary General continued saying, “We must start to work in the technical specifications offered by the Ministry of Economy, establishing projects which contribute to the economic growth of the country; which is why the projects that we will introduce in this document, as well as its corresponding budgets, should be well reflected and defended when higher authorities require it.”

Moreover, the Secretary General invited the department officials to read the official State gazettes; especially those dealing with the Law of Civil Servants and Administrative Procedure, to properly perform their functions in the central administration of the State.

Text and photos: Mansueto Loeri Bomohagasi (D. G. Base Internet)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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