The seminar of women of the PDGE reaches Evinayong

After passing through the provinces of Bioko Norte, Bioko Sur and Litoral, the seminar tour for managers and coordinators of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) arrived on March 9 to Evinayong, capital of the province of Centro Sur, where the course will also be held. The Organization of Women of the PDGE (OMPDGE) has organized this training tour to improve the skills of the coordinators of the party.

The OMPDGE has organized this national tour to present it to all the coordinators of the party nationally. Its contents have been chosen with great practicality, so that the participants can improve their management and coordination tasks.

The opening of the course was attended by Marcelino Asumu Nsue Okomo, Governor of the province of Centro Sur, and Antonio Domingo Nve Ondo, provincial president of the party, who received the delegation of the OMPDGE and encouraged the attendees to fully benefit from this intensive training.

Also the National Executive President of the OMPDGE and Deputy Secretary General of the party, Maria Leonor Bula Epam Biribe, addressed the participants to encourage them to take advantage of the contents covered in it.

The seminar had sixteen different presentations, including “Organizational and functional structure of the OMPDGE,” by Roman Mbulito Upolo; “General Administrative Affairs of the OMPDGE” by Celestina Ncomi Matomba; “The role of women in maintaining peace and social cohesion” by Rosalia Nsue; “Sexual and reproductive health of women” by Gertrudis Nzang Ondo, and “Social participation of women” by Jesusa Obono Engono.

The students also participated in a number of practical exercises focusing on knowledge of the structure and the administrative affairs of the organization.

After the work, the closing speech was given at an event in which the participants conveyed their appreciation for the teachings received. Both the Government Delegate, as well as the National Executive President of the OMPDGE, helped in the distribution of certificates.

Before the group photo and saying goodbye to the students, Maria Leonor Bula Epam Biribe asked them to act as spokeswomen of the lessons learned and help convey and implement them in their communities.

Text and photos: Miguel Angel Andjimi Ndong (D. G. Base Internet)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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