The Senate begins the work of the Draft Law on the Legal Regime of the State General Administration

The Permanent Commission of Government, Public Service and Administration of the Senate, chaired by Angel Serafin Seriche Dougan Malabo, began on Wednesday, February 11, at the Ngolo Conference Center in Bata, the study in the second reading of the Draft Law of the Legal Regime of General State Administration.

The work includes reviewing and adapting existing laws regulating the Draft Law on the Legal Regime of the General State Administration; changes that, as indicated in the draft, arise from the reform of the Constitution, which also led to the emergence of new bodies, not yet covered by the current legal framework.

In this sense, the new Draft Law departs from the classical field that only regulated the Legal Regime of the Central Administration for a wider one that regulates the General State Administration. This means that the new project also includes the regulation of territorial bodies of public legal institutions; the Secretariat of Government; personal and technical cabinets of the higher bodies of Administration, and their officials, the collegiate bodies and the external services of the General State Administration. Thus, common regulations will be created for the organization of all public administrations.

The 147 articles, divided into six titles, twenty-three chapters and ten sections, that comprise the new draft law, will be studied, analyzed and discussed in depth by that committee, which will provide amendments and modifications to enrich and improve the overall text, so that the document can become more concise and precise, for dissemination as well as for its subsequent application, previously approved by the Senate.

Text and photos: Senate Press Office

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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