The Senate studies the renewal of the Law Decree on Fees for Tolls

The Committee on Finance, Economy, Trade and Planning of the Senate, led by its second vice president, Atanasio Ela Ntugu Nsa, began on Monday, March 30, the second reading of the Draft Law of the Amending Budget of Fiscal Year 2015, as well as the Law Decree number 1/2015, dated January 9, amending an article in Law number 4/2014 on Fees of the Tolls and Road Maintenance Company.

On Monday, March 30, members of the Senate Finance Committee focused their discussions on the Law Decree number 1/2015 on fees for the self-financing of the Tolls and Road Maintenance Company. In this regard, the Government wants to amend point two of Article 15 of the Law number 4/2014, dated December 16, of the State Budgets for the current fiscal year, which refers to rates as follows: taxis and intercity transportation vehicles, 100 CFA francs; cars and SUVs, 500; vans and trucks, 1000 and 2000, respectively; while heavy machinery will pay 5,000, according to the different types of roads.

In this regard, members of the Finance Committee, just as they did during the second ordinary session of 2014, when subjected the current Law on General State Budgets to study and analysis, have again expressed concern about the use of the funds the tolls and Road Maintenance company obtained from tolls.

In this regard, the Commission has insisted that the start and implementation of better and more effective control mechanisms of the collection and management of revenue from tolls is still urgent and necessary, because, as in previous years, in these three months so far in 2015, diversion of funds and embezzlement by officials is still happening. Therefore, the Commission has stressed the importance of implementing more effective mechanisms for the collection and subsequent management of toll revenues.

The creation pf an annual payment card for persons was one of the points discussed by members of the committee.

This law decree will be studied by senators to improve its amendments and modifications of the original text, the results will be included in the minutes and final opinion that the commission shall submit to the full Senate.

Text and photos: Pilar Cecilia Ayecaba Ndong (Senate Press Office)
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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