The training of the National Nzalang continues

The national football team tied at one goal on Sunday, January 11, the preparatory match played against the team Sony of Ela Nguema, in which the coach Esteban Becker continued shaping the team that will face Congo Brazzaville on January 17.

Sony de Ela Nguema team.

The match, which took place at the La Paz Stadium of Malabo, will be used as a training ground for the African Cup of Nations CAN 2015, began with the domination of the National Nzalang, which had a starting lineup made up by Mosibe, Maye, Evuy, Mbele, Sipo, Charly, Ellong, Ganet, Iban, Ruben Darío and Fabiani.

Before halftime, Raul Fabiani opened the scoreboard by finishing off the collective action in the area of the reigning champion of the National League, Sony, making some attacks, but failed to beat the Nzalang goalkeeper.

In the second half, Javier Balboa Osa, Igor Engonga, Aitor Mbela and Emilio Nsue also played. The Nzalang played by tapping the ball, while the Sony Ela Nguema sought more contact, and ended up obtaining the tie with a shot of Fortunato Nva, which beat Aitor Mbela.

On January 13, the national team will reach the mainland, in the city of Bata, where they will travel to Mbini, which will be their headquarters during the first phase of the African Cup of Nations.

Text: David Monsuy Senior (D. G. Base Internet)

SOURCE: Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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