The women’s football club Estrellas de Rebola inaugurates its headquarters

Last Saturday, April 4, took place in Rebola the opening of the headquarters of this women’s football club which already has several trophies.

The sports club Estrellas de Rebola was established on April 4, 2012, with the dual aim of promoting women’s sports in the city and giving it the importance it has in other countries. The club currently has two teams: A, with 22 players of the average age of 18, and group B, with 16 players of about 12 years. Since its foundation they have already accumulated several trophies, being champions of the Independence Cup (2012); runners-up for the Santa Isabel Cup (2013); Champions of the March 8th Cup (2014); and national runners-up of the First Lady’s Cup (2014).

The opening ceremony was led by club president and directors of the Equatorial Guinean Football Federation (FEGUIFUT), head for legal affairs, Montserrat Bonkanka Tabares, who was accompanied by other members of the board and the coaching staff.

This ceremony was also attended by Jesusa Obono Engono, First Deputy Secretary General of the PDGE (Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea); the Delegate Minister of Transportation, Technology, Postal Services and Telecommunications, Joaquin Elema Borengue, the Government delegate and his deputy in Baney; the presidents of the Municipal Council of Rebola and of the District Council of the PDGE in Baney; the presidential advisor on Sports; Senator and former player of the Real Rebola, Francisco Masa; the Mayor of Baney, the Presidential Adviser on Culture, among many other guests from various fields of culture, sports and the media.

Text and photos: M. B.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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