Third International Afro-Descendent Colloquium Cali 2017

The Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, Crisantos Obama Ondo, took part in the Third International Afro-Descendent Colloquium Cali 2017, an event which brought together over one thousand participants from 26th to 30th November, in the modern, cosmopolitan capital of Valle del Cauca, Colombia, within the framework of the World Afro-Descendent Decade and its bases, Recognition, Justice and Development.

Crisantos Obama Ondo took an active part on the panels of reflection, and he was an outstanding figure in the gala of honour, alongside Colombian political, academic and civil society figures, and delegations from 22 countries. Obama Ondo also received recognition for his diplomatic and cultural career from the Udabol University of Bolivia, who appointed him illustrious visitor to the event, as named by the organising committee made up of 10 countries.

Africa and Latin America found in Equatorial Guinea the port of entry and natural bridge between the two continents, where language and history not only unite us, but are similar. Both continents the victims of harsh colonisation, but today inspired through their own development. I wish to thank my brothers from the diaspora for keeping alive the African sentiments that will be passed on to my country”, said the Equatoguinean Ambassador, in thanks for his distinction.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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