Third Vice Prime Minister predicts progress in Human Rights issues

The Third Vice Prime Minister, Charged with Human Rights, Alfonso Nsue Mokuy, affirmed on 18th April that the Conference on Human Rights and Civil Society is an opportunity to make progress on the matter.

Nsue Mokuy began his speech by thanking the Head of State, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, for his patronage and personal commitment, and pointed out that “this is a good opportunity for the Government and Civil Society, in a calm, serene manner, to make joint progress in questions of Human Rights and international law, and overcome the difficulties and challenges that still remain”.

In addition, he pointed out that the celebration of the conference is an experience that for our country “would be much more productive if we carried out a type of comparative analysis if Human Rights, presenting the perspective of the situation regarding Human Rights in Equatorial Guinea and the subregion in general”.

On stating that Equatorial Guinea is today a country making progress in Human Rights matters, the Third Vice Prime Minister added that “we believe that we are consolidating a State policy in Human Rights issues”.

For Nsue Mokuy, this policy should not only be in the mind of the President of the Republic, but also in all the institutions in the country, as “it would allow us to go forward in a culture of zero tolerance towards the violation of Human Rights and international humanitarian law, including employment law and issues regarding the environment”.

Human Rights must have the face of a woman, a child, a young person, a disabled person or an elderly person”, added Nsue Mokuy, who also recalled that the Equatoguinean State and Civil Society, in its many expressions, want to back this policy in conjunction with the ONGs covering these rights and social organisations working in various population, business and academic sectors.

Furthermore, he indicated that the conference is a date for African Civil Society, and for Pan-African Communication, to take part in the development of Human Rights, freedom of expression and information in Equatorial Guinea, and to accompany the Equatoguinean leaders through this period.

He also reported that it was a period in which “the ONGs and other malicious figures are trying to destroy national cohesion, and our country’s image in the international context, by focussing its attacks on the lack of respect for Human Rights”.

Finally, Nsue Mokuy stated that “this conference will provide a response to unfounded information attacking our country and its leaders, and will be the ideal framework to counter-attack the falsely constructed media drift regarding Human Rights and freedom of expression in Equatorial Guinea”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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