Third working day for Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights

The commission met for the third consecutive day to legislate the basic regulations that would allow the family courts and supervision of minors to fight against juvenile delinquency.

The members of the Senate Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights, moderated by Silvestre Siale Bileka, assisted by Eulalia Envo Bela, met on 7th September to study and analyse the draft project for the Regulatory Law on Penal Responsibility of Minors.

The upper Chamber, led by Teresa Efua Asangono, intends to legislate this legal instrument to fight the juvenile delinquency that is currently affecting our country.

Through the adaptation of this judicial document, a legal instrument will be obtained that will serve to provide greater assistance and regulation regarding the situation of minors, and cover the legal vacuum present in the current Penal Code.

Source: Senate Press Office

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