Thirty-eighth CPLP Focal Points for Cooperation Meeting

In accordance with the statutes of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), the Focal Points for Cooperation Meeting is coordinated by the representative of the member State that holds the rotating presidency of the Conference of Heads of State and Governments, which is currently held by Cape Verde.

The Focal Points for Cooperation meeting is ordinarily held twice per year, and an extraordinary meeting may be called if requested by two thirds of member States. When it coincides with the Conference of Heads of State and Governments or Council of Ministers Meetings, the meeting is held in the host country for those events, and in other cases, at the CPLP headquarters, in Lisbon.

The drawing up and approval of a time line for the review of documentation, before the next Focal Points for Cooperation Meeting, the agenda for the Seminar on the Strengthening of the Strategic Framing of Cooperation in the CPLP, planned for 22nd to 24th April, in Portugal, and the updating of the names of the Sector Focal Points were the points covered in Lisbon.

The Thirty-eighth Focal Points for Cooperation Meeting was attended by George-Carlos Da Almeida Fonseca, head of State of the Republic of Cape Verde and current president of the organisation, who consulted on policy with Francisco Ribeiro Telles, CPLP Ambassador Executive Secretary.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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