Traditional doctors attend WHO information meeting

On the morning of 30th November, traditional doctors went to the headquarters of the Regional Delegation for Health and Social Welfare in the city of Bata, to attend an awareness-raising meeting led by specialists from the department, in coordination with experts from the World Health Organisation.

The meeting served as an occasion for the traditional doctors to receive information on illnesses which must be reported, such as acute flaccid paralysis, measles, yellow fever and tetanus in new-born babies.

The meeting was overseen by the regional delegate from the Ministry for Health and Social Welfare, Santiago Angue Masoko, with the aim of explaining to those present the procedure which must be followed when they are presented with illnesses that must be reported.

Those in charge of this seminar hope that the healers know how to identify these illnesses, with the ultimate aim of reporting to those responsible for vigilance at the nearest health centre.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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