Training seminar for young entrepreneurs ends

The five-day seminar concluded on Friday 17th May, at the headquarters of Gepetrol, where its director, Antonio Oburu Ondo, reaffirmed that the company was committed to supporting and accompanying entrepreneurs whose projects could generate profit. The seminar was given by, and financed by Atom Finance.

They must aspire to being better, having better projects, presenting them in a way that they are taken seriously and must be good ideas so that the best can be selected. We have promised to accompany them in terms of finance and participation”, affirmed Oburo Ondo, during the closing ceremony of the seminar.

The course has allowed them to take advantage of his knowledge and receive advice on how to manage and structure a project. The director of Atom Finance, Francisco Domingo Ndong, in his speech, pointed out that the initiative of the company is to help the Government to promote the private sector, and also highlighted the importance of finance in training, the professional plan should be seen as a challenge to create employment, so that projects are sustainable and not short-lived; those that can create jobs and are beneficial. In order to give the opportunity to those who have good ideas. There can be no project without an idea, and training is important, not only for Atom Finance, but for society, because it is hoped that you can provide a way out for those who do not have jobs”.

Furthermore, the Representative of Pro-Empresa, Christy-Ann Grenier, expressed gratitude for both the organisation of the event and to the course trainer.

One can have a magnificent idea, but sometimes not know how to transform it into a format that can obtain finance, and that is what we have been attempting during the seminar. Gepetrol has committed to supporting entrepreneurs, but above all we have tried to pass on to those present that they must aspire to be better, have better projects, and present the good ideas so that they are taken seriously and can be selected. We have promised to accompany the winning ideas which can truly generate wealth in terms of finance and participation, because Gepetrol is going to accompany them and form part of those businesses”, concluded the Director of Gepetrol, Antonio Oburu Ondo.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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