Tunisia cries that it could not manage to win in the field

Several Tunisian media, supported by an international agency, have begun to launch attacks and falsehoods against the Nzalang, after the national team brilliantly eliminated the Tunisian national team, whose performance was disappointing in the match and after it as well.

Tunisian newspapers speak of “shame” and “scandal” and state that Equatorial Guinea awaits an opponent for the semifinals, “waiting to continue making history, but now with the long shadow of suspicion on their shoulders.”

Equatorial Guinea has already made history with no shadow, organizing an African Cup of Nations in 50 days, for African solidarity, which others did not dare to organize for fear of the Ebola virus. It has made history deservedly reaching the semifinals with players picked from 2nd and 3rd division teams, who have faced players of the 1st division of the best leagues in the world.

And we will agree with the Tunisian newspapers when they speak of “shame”, but shame is that of their national team, which appears as 22 in the FIFA ranking and has lost to Equatorial Guinea, which ranks 118. With this difference, it should have won 4-0 and not go around crying over a dubious penalty. Its players, who were not able to win the game in extra time and were clearly overwhelmed by the Nzalang, which scored a goal by Balboa worthy of the best free-kick taker in the world.

We also agree with them when they speak of “scandal”, but the scandal was that led by its players with behavior unworthy of athletes, who even got into the Nzalang’s bench to insult and spit at the members of our team, pursued the referee to attack him and left the field insulting and making obscene gestures to the fans.

Thanks to the civil and responsible behavior of the fans in the stadium, they averted what could have been a tragedy, if the fans had taken the law into their own hands.

To complete their feat, the Tunisian players smashed the doors and refrigerators and other material in their locker room. We assume that the CAF will have taken good note of everything and will act accordingly.

Regarding the international agencies and Spanish newspapers that have been repeating the news published by the Tunisian newspapers to try to attack Equatorial Guinea and its national team, we would just like to tell them to get properly informed.

They talk about the penalty “which the referee signaled at the 90th minute, following a grotesque fall of Balboa within the area.” Javier Balboa was the player who shot the penalty kick, but he was not the one to receive the foul, it was Ivan Bolado.

They also published that “Equatorial Guinea reached the quarter-finals thanks to the fortune in the draw against Mali.” The Nzalang Nacional reached the quarterfinals thanks to the great victory won against Gabon, by two goals to nil. The team that was ranked by fortune in the draw was Guinea Conakry.

Text: Javier Hernandez
Photo: Miguel Angel Andjimi (D. G. Base Internet)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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