Two-Party Meeting with CEEAC and UNICEF

The monitoring platform of the two-party alliance between the Economic Community of the Central African States (CEEAC) and UNICEF met in the city of Dakar, Senegal to validate the situation report on the application of the 2018-2019 action plan examined by experts of both organisations on 7th and 8th September respectively.

This first meeting by the Two-party Platform from Libreville, Gabon on 21st September served to examine and see to what extent the formulated recommendations can be applied by the experts of the two organisations with the aim to give suitable answers to the challenges of executing CEEAC/UNICEF activities.

In addition, they examined and validated the proposals of strategic orientation in relation to CEEAC and UNICEF activities during the next two years (2018-2019).

The meeting was chaired by UNICEF’s Deputy Regional Director for Central and Western Africa, Gilles Fagninou, and Assistant General Secretary, Head of CEEAC Programmes, Department of Budget, Administration and Human Resources, Tabu Abdallah Manirakiza.

The institutional reform and the 2016-2020 strategic mid-term plan ahead of the CEPE-INCEL UNICEF work session on the regional priorities for Central and Western Africa 2018-2021 were also on this meeting’s agenda.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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