UNHCR MENA COVID-19 Emergency Response Update #15 (17 February 2021)

Key Figures
out of 20 UNHCR countries / operations are reporting COVID-19 cases in the region
17.4 million
2021 planning figure for people of concern in the Middle East and North Africa
cases of COVID-19 reported among persons of concern including fatalities since March 2020
Regional Developments
The COVID-19 pandemic is entering its second year, with border closures likely to continue to affect access to asylum and territory across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. At present, there are 14 countries where COVID-19 related restrictions on entry apply, without exceptions in law or practice that allow for entry by asylum-seekers or person in need of international protection. Three countries, Egypt, Lebanon and Mauritania, apply restrictions with exceptions for asylum-seekers.
UNHCR’s COVID-19 live platform is an evidence-based tool to support Governments and partners, and to enable sound policy and decision-making during the pandemic and its aftermath.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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