UNICEF Gabon COVID-19 Situation Report No. 8: 22 July to 26 August 2020

• As of August 26, up to 8,409 COVID-19 cases were reported in Gabon as downward trends continue progressively to consolidate with a positivity rate decreasing from 11% to 08%.
• With 109,360 tests performed since the outbreak, Gabon has become the most performing country on per capita tests in Africa.
• 61,437 people reached with critical WASH services in schools, prisons and transit centres for children victims of neglect, child trafficking. In the framework of reopening of schools, UNICEF had delivered a significant contribution by making handwashing facilities and other IPC services available for 50 examination centres, 25000 students and 10,000 teachers and schools administrative staff.
• 402 frontline health workers and 500 social workers and education staff were provided with Personal Protection Equipement (PPE) to ensure their safety, and the continuity of services.
• 13,132 children, parents and primary caregivers were provided with community based mental health and psychosocial support since the outbreak.

Source: UN Children’s Fund

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