UNICEF launches new web page on vaccination in Equatorial Guinea

The page provides the possibility to contact doctor Melvin Moran Quintanilla, a UNICEF specialist in vaccination. It was launched on the afternoon of Tuesday 18th June.

UNICEF Equatorial Guinea considers vaccination on a national level as one of the top priorities in its work in the country. For that reason, it has decided to launch a new web page on the issue. The page includes videos of some of those responsible for the Extended Vaccination Programme (PAV) and UNICEF, who explain the importance of keeping the population under one year old fully vaccinated against preventable viral illnesses.

The page provides the possibility to contact a UNICEF specialist in vaccination via email. Doctor Melvin Moran Quintanilla will respond directly to some of the queries, and the most common will be included in a section on the page itself. It also includes available data on the coverage of vaccination in the country and downloadable resources, for professionals, and fathers, mothers and tutors.

In the videos, also available of the YouTube channel of the organisation, the PAV National Director, Maria Rosario Mesie Nsue, explains the main illnesses that are prevented by the vaccination administered to under ones in Equatorial Guinea. Melvin Moran Quintanilla speaks about the contribution made by UNICEF to the PAV, and how maximum quality is guaranteed for the vaccines supplied in the country. Salvador Leon Mba, PAV Data Manager, warns of the importance of completing in time the vaccination calendar, and provides data on the complex situation faced by the country with respect to infant vaccination. Among other content of general interest, the page provides detailed information in the structure and functioning of the PAV. There are also graphics which illustrate the main components of the programme, and a map which shows the situation regarding coverage by the vaccination in the country, with respect to the Central Africa region.

The page will be updated and extended in successive editions, to include more resources that contribute towards an improvement in the vaccination figures. This page is the first in a series that is being prepared by the UNICEF Equatorial Guinea office, to explain its main areas of work, and to provide free access to digital, downloadable tools.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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