United Nations meeting on arms non-proliferation

On Monday 2nd April, the United Nations disarmament commission met in New York to cover questions relating to the search for mechanisms to avoid the proliferation of arms which place human lives at risk. The Equatoguinean delegation present was led by the Adviser, Vicente Mba Asumu.

The United Nations wants all member States to live in peace, without the means to put harmonious living in danger. To achieve that, through its disarmament committee, it is continuing with the difficult task of raising awareness among member States that have been opting for the manufacture and use of very powerful weapons.

Equatorial Guinea categorically rejects all tendencies to create confrontations through the demonstration of force, as it has stated in numerous UN forums.

During the various speeches, the representatives of regional blocks and member States coincided in praising the new group of experts who will work on disarmament, and affirmed that it is a matter which requires the attention of the international community, and thus bonds of trust must be created, in order to achieve a world without nuclear weapons.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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