Upcoming Conference on Mental Health in Malabo

Under the patronage of the presidential couple in collaboration with the Ministry fro Health and Social Welfare and the Mental Health Hospital in Malabo, a Conference is to take place on Mental Health, from 22nd to 23rd March, and will include various presentations by experts in this field.

In an interview, the Deputy Director of the Sampaka Psychiatric Centre, RaA�l Castro Esono Ada, indicated that the conference will be held at the Hotel Sofitel Sipopo, and various experts and guests from countries such as Senegal, Tunisia, Republic of Congo, France, Morocco and Cameroon, among others, will take place.

During the forum, the attendees will see presentations on anxiety, its symptoms, treatments and prevention; suicide, its unexplained somatic symptoms; depression, its diagnosis and neuro-psychiatric management; the role of therapy and tradition in the treatment of mental disorders.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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