V Congolese Party of Labour Ordinary Congress

The Congolese Party of Labour (PCT) opened its fifth ordinary congress in Brazzaville. The work is taking place at the International Conference Centre in Kintele, chaired by the General Secretary of the political grouping, Pierre Ngolo.

The solemn opening began with an introduction in the Congress Hall following the presentation of delegations present from friendly parties, and the committees from each department. The meeting was attended by some delegations from friendly parties, including the delegation from the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) in a prominent position, with brother militant member of the National Council, Samuel Ateba Owono Iyanga representing the PDGE General Secretary.

In his words the president of the organising committee, Pierre Ngolo, congratulated all the participants and paid homage to members of the political grouping who had passed away since the last congress.

“The V Ordinary Congress is the right occasion to evaluate all the activities carried out and plan the future of the party” , underlined the PCT General Secretary. Furthermore, in his report, he declared to those present that elections were not won in offices, but by working every day from the grass roots and serving the people in the cause of prosperity for every community.

The slogan “Together in discipline, firm in the ideals and values of our glorious party” as a call to all members of the PCT to fight to improve the party, so that it becomes invincible in electoral confrontations throughout the country, stated, Pierre Ngolo at another point in his speech.

The congress will last for four days and features a total of 2500 attendees from throughout the country and from foreign delegations of the Congolese Party of Labour.

Source: Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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