V Edition of CIESPAC Thursday Programme

The Inter-State Higher Education Centre for Public Health in Central Africa (CIESPAC), with headquarters in Congo Brazzaville, has organised the V edition of the Thursday Programme, a meeting of health professionals, to speak about the fight against poor medicines.

The event began with words from the director of the centre, Pierre Marie Tebeu, who thanked all those present, while the representative from the ministries of Health and Population, Antoine Loussanbou, declared the willingness of his ministry to work with the institution.

The conference covered various sub-topics presented by specialists in matters regarding the fight against poor medicines, and the presenters provided some of the methods in order to eradicate this phenomenon, stating that the CEMAC Governments should join forces to combat this evil for public health, taking into account that fake or doubtful medicines are in circulation in the Central African subregion.

The meeting was attended by the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador in Congo Brazzaville, Samuel Ateba Owono Iyanga, as a special guest.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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