Validation of Design Proposal for Creation of Autonomous Entity Responsible for PRODEGE Achievements

The work was carried out last 29th and 30th August among the heads of the Ministry of Education headed by the Ministerial head, JesA�s Engonga Ndong, and the heads of PRODEGE at Hotel Anda China in the city of Malabo.

During the month of June, PRODEGE carried out a construction workshop of the organisational design for the creation of the autonomous entity that will be responsible for the sustainability of PRODEGE’s achievements under the responsibility of the Minister of Education, University Teaching and Sports (MEUTS), when FHI360 (the American organisation currently providing technical assistance to the MEUTS) concludes their task in Equatorial Guinea at the end of July in 2019.

In this workshop, different authorities from the Minister of Education, University Teaching and Sports took part, in addition to other key figures. The specific product of such workshop was the proposal document of the organisational proposal for the creation of the new entity. This proposal contains different technical, administrative and operational aspects of such entity that will take responsibility of all the innovations that PRODEGE has introduced in the education system.

Subsequent to the validation of the proposal, PRODEGE shall proceed to arrange a meeting with the PRODEGE steering committee to achieve the approval of the proposal and the administration of legal proceedings in the creation of the new entity.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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