Venezuelan embassy condemns failed attempted attack on President Nicolas Maduro

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela embassy in Equatorial Guinea has condemned the failed attempted coup which took place during the celebration marking the 81st Anniversary of the Creation of the Bolivarian National Guard, on 4th August, in the city of Caracas.

During the event, two loud blasts were heard in the vicinity of the presidential stand, where Nicolas Maduro was standing. The bodies responsible for presidential security immediately activated the corresponding protocols, allowing the evacuation of the area, while safeguarding the President and his family, and other important political figures who were taking part in the event.

The Public Prosecutor announced the designation of three lawyers with vast experience in organised crime and political conspiracy to look into the matter and bring justice to those responsible for the attack, including those who carried out the explosions via two drones aimed at the President, and the group of senior officials on the stand.

Sadly, a group of seven military officials were injured, and three have a reserved medical prognosis. One of those implicated had taken part in the political violence of 2014, and another of the detainees is linked to the attack on a military facility in the city of Valencia by a para-military group, which took place a year ago.

The Bolivarian Republic welcomes the innumerable expressions of solidarity and best wishes for the country, and a rejection of this criminal attack, received from numerous Heads of State and Governments. In the same way, the Venezuelan Government calls on Governments throughout the world to remain objective with regards to these serious events, and to calmly evaluate the seriousness of what occurred.

The Venezuelan Government and its President are firmer than ever in their desire to continue along the road of peace, laws and the Constitution, as that is the way of the Bolivarian Revolution, with the new measures for economic recovery to be released on 20th August.

Source: Venezuelan Embassy in Malabo

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