VI Ordinary Session of the fourth legislature of the Pan-African Parliament

Under the banner: “Winning the fight against corruption: a sustainable route for the transformation of the African continent”, the work of the VI ordinary session of the fourth legislature of the Pan.African Parliament, held from 7th to 18th of this month in South Africa, began on Monday with the swearing in of new members, at which the delegation of parliamentarians from the two chambers in Equatorial Guinea also raised their hands. The delegation is being led by the Second Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies, Evangelina Filomena Oyo Ebule.

Central African is a region on our continent that produces leaders, and leaders who commit and know how to work”, said Evangelina Filomena Oyo Ebule, in an interview with TVGE, following the re-election of the candidate for the African Central region for the presidency of the AU legislative body.

After hearing the news of the re-election of the Cameroonian Roger Nkodo Dang, with 133 votes in favour and 91 against, of the 224 total votes, the various figures present expressed their joy and approval.

The aim of this VI ordinary session was to renew the Bureau. Once more, Central Africa has shown that it is a region that produces leaders who commit and know how to work. Thank you for your support. We are very happy with the work done, and we hope to continue working in order to place the region in its rightful position within the PAP”, continued the Second Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies.

The senators Purificacion Buari Lazaquero, Saturnino Oke Esono and Anselmo Sepa Muala are also proud of the fact that Roger Nkodo Dang has been chosen once again, in an important day for African democracy and the institution of the African Parliament.

Through the ballot boxes our candidate from Central Africa has emerged elected, and that candidate is the one we supported in Equatorial Guinea. Under democracy, true victory comes through the ballot box” affirmed Juan Roku Enumbie.

The Pan-African Parliament, also known as the Parliament of Africa, is the legislative body of the African Union, and one of the nine bodies proposed in the 1991 treaty in Abuja, setting up the African Economic Community.

Its purpose, as established in article 17 of the constitutional law of the AU,is to guarantee full participation of African peoples in the development and economic integration of the continent, with the final aim of being an institution with full legislative powers, whose members are elected via universal suffrage.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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