Vice-Minister for Agriculture attends conference on Bamako Convention

A delegation from the Government of Malabo, led by the Vice-Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Forests and the Environment, Santiago Francisco Engonga Osono, attended the work of the third conference of the parties on the Bamako Convention, under the banner: Working for a future without the danger of chemical products and waste in Africa.

The debates focussed on, among other things, the effective implementation of the Bamako Convention, which prohibits the importation to Africa of dangerous waste, and the control of cross-border movement of waste, together with the approval of a two-year financial budget for the executive secretariat.

In his instructive reflections, the Congolese Prime Minister, Clement Mouanba, pointed out the importance of the conference, after affirming that Africa should speak with a single voice with respect to the challenges of climate change. Africa is being considered by the large powers as a dumping ground for chemical waste. The Bamako Convention must serve as a platform for African countries, in order to fight and implement the various protocols in the convention, he stated.

The head of the government concluded his speech by congratulating the outgoing president of the conference for the parties, Joseph Seka Seka, Minister for the Environment and Lasting Development from Ivory Coast, and the incoming president, Arlette Soudan Nonault, Minister for Tourism and the Environment from Congo-Brazzaville, who for two years will lead the work of the executive secretariat of the conference.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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