VII CPLP Parliamentary Assembly

On Monday 4th December, the first working day took place at the VII Parliamentary Assembly of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries, (AP-CPLP), with the activities taking place at the parliamentary headquarters in Portugal. This edition has brought together nine national parliaments from member States, on order to look at issues related to inter-parliamentary cooperation.

The first working day was structured in three specialist commissions; the senator Salvador Mangue represented Equatorial Guinea on the commission for policy, strategy, legislation and citizenship, where they debated the free circulation of citizens in the CPLP area.

Equatorial Guinea and Brazil have already made progress in the matter of establishing an agreement to remove diplomatic, official and service visas”, underlined the Equatoguinean senator.

Furthermore, at the commission on the economy, environment and cooperation, which was attended by the deputy JesA�s Mba Nguema, they asked Equatorial Guinea to present a list of members for the new commission of the National Council for food security and nutrition within a period of three months.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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