Visit by Minister for Education to Djibloho

The head of the Ministry for Education, University Teaching and Sports, JesA�s Engonga Ndong, held a meeting, on 11th April, with all the teachers in Djibloho, to present the visitor’s sheet sent by the Head of Government’s Office.

The ministry presented a route map sent by the Head of the Government for the teachers, which contains recommendations and tips, such as looking out for the falsification of academic records; the sale of marks to students, and increases in the cost of registration, which are taking place without consultation with the ministry.

Engonga Ndong also mentioned the organisation of sports activities, and that the educational centres should try to promote them, through the creation of leagues.

The meeting took place at the Government Palace in Djibloho.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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