Visit by Minister for Fishing and Water Resources to Bata

On 11th April, the Minister for Fishing and Water Resources, Adoracion Salas Chonco, held a first contact meeting with personnel from her department in Bata, and carried out an inspection visit to see in-situ the progress in the building work that the Government is executing in the fishing sector.

Firstly, the minister visited the Training-Production Centre for the fishing sector, located at the People’s Council in Bidiba, in zone B of Bata, being built by the construction company BTD-Proyectos; a project to improve and modernise the production technical training for around 400 residential students.

Next, the minister Salas Chonco received detailed information from the administrative head of public relations and engineering from the construction company Bouygues-Batiment, on the final phase of the project for the craft fishing port dock, installed in the Ekuku community of neighbours in Bata, which comprises of various areas; containers for freezing and conservation, a water treatment tank, warehousing for material, a boat repair yard, and an administrative area.

The head of Fishing also visited the Fish Commercialisation Centre, also called the Equatorial Guinea National Association for Maritime Fishing (SONAPESCA), where she praised the construction work she had come to see, while instructing personnel on the vocation of work, respect and punctuality.

The minister was accompanied by the Regional Delegate for Fishing, Epifanio Sereijo Nasala, and personnel from the institution.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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