WCACT iCUBEFARM.com golf tournament in Sipopo

On 25th March a total of 50 pan-African women entered the WCACT iCUBEFARM.com golf tournament. The competition, which took place in Sipopo (Malabo) brought together participants from nine countries in the east and centre of Africa, in order to promote the empowerment of women in sport.

The women’s tournament, which is held every two years, brings together women’s teams from nine African countries: Senegal, Ghana, Gabon, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, Togo and Equatorial Guinea. This year was the turn of our country to host the international event, which was held on one of the best golf courses on the African continent, the Sofitel Le Golf in Sipopo.

The prize for the winning team, from Senegal, whose trophy was a design with Ceiba of Sipopo, was presented by the Vice-Minister for Tourism, Prudencio Botey Sobole. The winner of the prize for the Best Player was Sene Daba, also from Senegal. Ghana finished in second place, Gabon third, and Nigeria fourth.

The Equatorial Guinea team took part with two players: Anastasia Mowunu Esono and Maria Nzang Mba, who showed high technical abilities.

The golfers taking part described the course as complicated, with a lot of bunkers and very long; comments which promote visits, as it is an interesting challenge for the sportspeople.

From a tourism point of view, this tournament has helped to highlight the infrastructures and accommodation capacity of Sipopo, and has placed Equatorial Guinea in the international sporting map, as golf forms a part of African sports. The organisers expressed satisfaction with the hotel services, and the quality and infrastructures of the course.

For his part, the vice-president of the Equatorial Guinea Golf Federation, FEGUIGOLF, Cesar Augusto Hinestrosa Gomez, stated that the celebration of the event would boost the concept of the empowerment of women. In the same way, he declared that the participation of Equatorial Guinea is the result of a training programme which FEGUIGOLF is implementing. On the programme players are coached from the caddy level, who have become amateur players, and now has the two Equatoguinean players trained to an international level.

iCUBEFARM.com sponsors golf, and sport in general. The director of the online employment portal, Yolanda Asumu, said that golf is one of the few sports that encompasses players from any area and age under the same conditions.

iCUBEFARM.com is committed to sport in Equatorial Guinea, and has sponsored various competitions, both male and female, including the FEGUIFUT football cups.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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