West and Central Africa: Market Update for Agricultural & food products, Bulletin of July 2020

• In June 2020,the markets in the region were marked by a relative stability in prices of basic foodstuffs compared to the previous month. Price variations hardly exceeded 5% in the region’s markets, with the exception of Nigeria where an increase of + 15% was recorded in some markets. Overall, the anticipated stock-outs, recorded in May 2020, due to the lean season and COVID-19, have not become widespread in the sub-region.
• However, year on year, price increases of more than 25% were recorded in Chad, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali (Kidal region), Ghana (Kumasi), Mauritania (Hodh el Garbi) and in Senegal (Saint-Louis). These increases are mainly explained by a drop in supply resulting from the combination of various factors such as the decline in agricultural production, the reduction in cross-border and internal flows, high inflation and the persistence of civil insecurity. It is worth mentioning the disruption of trade in food products such as onions between Sahelian and coastal countries, in connection with restrictive measures to fight COVID-19.
• Compared to the five-year average, the prices of staple foods (imported rice, millet and sorghum) have increased by more than 25% in countries such as Nigeria, Senegal, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Chad. Localized price increases are reported in northern Mali,
Mauritania and Ghana.

Source: World Food Programme

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