Widening of references for Interministerial Council

The Minister for Information, Press and Radio, Eugenio Nze Obiang, has provided a Widening of References for the Interministerial Council, the first this year. The meeting, overseen by the Prime Minister of the Government, Francisco Pascual Obama Asue, was attended by the three Vice Prime Ministers of the Government, and members of the Executive, ministers, secretaries of State, vice-ministers and advisers.

On of the first matters dealt with was of an organisational nature, regarding the working plan of the Government, as it was the first council meeting of the year.

The Prime Minister reminded those present that while awaiting the Head of State’s declarations regarding the matter, all the members of the Executive must carry out their administrative actions and functions. He also insisted that they ensure regulations are met, an issue that was pending from a previous meeting of the council from last year.

The global economic situation is also another of the issues occupying a place at the council meetings. Along those lines, Obama Asue pointed out that efforts must be made to meet the requirements of the decree on responsibilities regarding economic management.

Respect for the working timetable was also underlined by the Prime Minister as one of the duties to be performed by the civil servants, specifically from 8:00 to 16:00.

The Minister for Civil Aviation, Fausto Abeso Fuma, reported to the Executive on the situation with the company Iberia and the cancellation of their flights to Malabo. The Government has reminded the airline of the historic ties uniting our country with Iberia and the many, many flights made with very few passengers on board. In that respect, Obama Asue ordered the commission to study the matter in order to try to regulate the taxes which correspond to our subregion. The Government hopes that Iberia will respond and restore their flights to the capital. Ceiba has confirmed that it is going to make two weekly flights Malabo-Madrid-Malabo, according to the minister for the sector.

The council meeting concluded with the unanimous decision to continue with the development plans for the well-being of Equatoguinean citizens.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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