Work continues at Seminar on Illegal Undeclared Unregulated Fishing

The seminar, which is taking place at the Hotel Anda China, organised by the FAO and the Ministry for Fishing and Water Resources, is continuing with its work, Deputies, senators, parliamentarians, FAO experts and staff from the Ministry for Fishing are studying and analysing mechanisms to combat illegal undeclared unregulated fishing.

A total of eight modules are being given, in which those at the seminar are being informed within an international framework on how to combat these practices, the background, areas of agreement from the FAO in State measures, a description of international ports, market responsibilities, and tools for monitoring, control and surveillance, among other matters.

The governance of fishing in the regional and national spheres constituted another of the modules presented by experts to those at the seminar, providing a general description of the relevant national policies and regulations regarding fishing, together with systems and operations regarding the control of monitoring.

Furthermore, they also spoke about Port State Control, and the operational procedures for the deployment of these measures, in addition to application processes and priorities.

Finally, four groups were created to cover the application of Port State Control measures, in virtue of the FAO agreement and possible application of flag State responsibilities.

These modules will continue until Thursday 4th July, with the seminar coming to a close on Friday 5th.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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