Work of Forum for Justice and Banking in CEMAC begins in Yamena

Under the auspices of the Central African Banking Commission (COBAC), the six member countries of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC), are meeting on Chad soil from 19th to 21st July, to cover aspects related to the economies in the sub-region, and problems affecting economic growth among member States.

This work is taking place at the Yamena Hilton Hotel, where members from banking institutions on the African continent and western guests have gathered, and will for three days examine and cover various economic and financial aspects relevant to the CEMAC.

The opening ceremony for the work of the Forum was overseen by the Minister for Finance and Budgets from the Republic of Chad, Christian Georges Diguimbaye, as the host, and he thanked the plenary session for the attendance, underlined the importance of the meeting.

The aim and theme for this forum is, among other things, the pedagogical treatment of three current issues relating to rights, the law, and justice in banking activities.

The three matters covered on the first day were the “Interrelation between business law and banking law”, “The legal framework for relations between credit institutions, and micro-finance and their customers”, and “Competing competences between national and community courts in banking litigation”, which began with a speech from the President of COBAC, Abbas Mahamat Tolli.

During the first matter dealt with at the meeting, various presentations were given, such as the one from the Permanent Secretary of the Centre for Judicial Studies from the University of Yaunde, the Cameroonese Alain Kenmogne Simo, and the Beninese Cossi Dorothe Sossa, Permanent Secretary of the Organisation for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA).

In the second debate devoted to the judicial framework, the dean of the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences from the Omar Bongo Ondimba University in Libreville, Jean Claude James; the President of the Cameroon Association of Credit Institutions, Alphonse Nafack; the President of the Appeals Court from the West of Cameroon, Francois-Xavier Mbono, and the Director General of ORABANK in Gabon, Guy Martial Awona, gave their presentations to the plenary session.

Regarding the third and final issue of the day covering the national and community courts, presentations were given by the President of the Appeals Court from Adamaoua, Cameroon, Jean-Claude Awana; the COFINEST liquidator, Francois-Xavier Zinga, and the CJC Defence Lawyer, Thomas Dingamgoto.

Other presentations of interest also given at the ceremony were those from the President of the Vigilance Commission for the Financial Market in Central Africa (COSUMAF), the Equatoguinean Rafael Tung Nsue, and Claude Ayo-Iguendha, President of the Federation of Professional Associations of Credit Institutions (APEC) from the CEMAC.

The closing ceremony was overseen by the President of COBAC and Governor of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC), the Chadian, Abbas Mahamat Tolli.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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