Work of Senate Permanent Commission on Energy

The work is taking place at the provisional headquarters of the parliamentary institution located at the Palace of International Congresses and Conferences in Ngolo in the city of Bata.

The aim is to establish a suitable legal framework to protect and safeguard common economic and social interests in order to guarantee the rational ordered and competitive exploitation of mineral resources from the soil and subsoil due to its perishable non renewable nature taking into account that the mining industry in an important strategic sector for the national economy whose development could have a positive impact on other socio economic sectors.

The legislators have moved forward with the work starting from heading III on the regime for mining operations after Ela Ntugu read a draft summary of the work from the previous day which included the conclusions and the adopted articles and those which were reserved for clarification by the Sector Delegation of the Government when it appears before the commission.

Along those lines a space for debates was opened in order to adapt aspects within the draft document that could be difficult to understand and to continue to outline the remainder of its contents starting with article 26 to 52 of the draft law located under heading III chapter I which refers to the regime of mining operations and common provisions for operations.

Within this perspective they adopted without amendment articles 26 28 31 38 39 42 43 44 and 52 while articles 27 30 37 40 41 45 48 49 and 50 provoked proposals for amendment and redrafting. Articles 29 32 33 34 35 36 46 and 51 were reserved to be clarified by the Sector Delegation of the Government when it appears before the commission.

The study of the Draft Law on Mines in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea continues to occupy the work of the Permanent Commission on Energy Industry Mines and Tourism led by the First Spokesperson of the table Atanasio Ela Ntugu Nsa under the moderation of the President of the Upper Chamber Teresa Efua Asangono.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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